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About Us

: SHE was, established in 1917 to reduce the population infected with venereal diseases and to educate young people about sex as a preventative measure. The agency has been funded through United Way since 1919 as part of the Community Chest. Over the years the agency has undergone change to reflect the needs of society. In 1937 SHE provided support in a country-wide effort to eradicate syphilis, in 1946 hired an African-American staff member to provide sexuality education to the minority community, in 1980 prioritized the educational program to focus on VD education, in 1984 began an emphasis on life skills as they connected to Sexually Transmitted Diseases and pre-adolescent sexual activity prevention, and in 1990 changed the organization’s name to SHE and broadened its focus to provide research based information on various topics covering Sexuality. SHE offers a unique service to the southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky regions by providing the only sexuality education program without a faith-based focus or political mission. The agency officially achieved tax-exempt status as a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) status in August 1973.