Seattle Children's PlayGarden

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1745 - 24th Avenue South
United States

About Us

The Seattle Children's PlayGarden improves the lives of children with physical or mental disabilities by providing them with full access to a safe indoor/outdoor recreation space and offering inclusive programs that encourage their potential. The PlayGarden partners with the Seattle Parks Department to provide families of children with special needs a fully accommodating public park situated in Seattle's south-central neighborhood.

Our one acre grounds and inclusive programs are designed for children of all abilities to enjoy – kids on two feet, kids with walkers, kids in wheelchairs, and kids who communicate differently. With expansive gardens, adaptable playground equipment and basketball court, animal coops with bunnies, chickens and geese, bouncy volcano and water feature, tree fort lookout, musical art sculpture and ADA compliant buildings, the PlayGarden is a park for children of all abilities to play, learn and grow.

The PlayGarden offers developmentally appropriate, nature-based programs for children of all ages and abilities (infant – 18). We offer infant/toddler playgroups, outdoor preschool, summer camps, art/music/drama workshops, after school children’s choir, fieldtrips and community events throughout the year. All programs and events are inclusive and multi-age, maximizing the opportunity for children with special needs and their typically developing siblings and friends to attend together.