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About Us

The Earth Organization is an international non-profit, committed to the creative, responsible rehabilitation of Planet Earth and the plant and animal kingdoms.We have chapters in 26 countries and we work to effectively handle environmental and conservation problems.

Our members believe all species are interdependent and possess one driving purpose in common: to surivive with abundance. Through education and hands-on projects, TEO helps individuals and groups take action to achieve a more successful partnership for survival with the natural world. We understand that realistic solutions must address and benefit by far the greater number of elements involved in any situation, including mankind, commerce, industry, jobs, people, plants, animals and the material world.

We currently have 18 chapters in 16 countries around the world with more chapters forming up. Each is involved in local projects such as addressing pollution and water issues, reforestation, resolving environmental situations, and environmental and conservation education.

The US chapter is heavily focused on the Clean Water Campaign. We strongly advocate the utilization of a cutting-edge technology called "Bio-remediation" which harnesses the power of natural microbes to swiftly, effectively, and inexpensively clean up toxic sites. We have introduced it to a wide range of business owners and civic leaders, and have used it to successfully clean up unhealthy environmental situations. We have trained people in rural areas of Africa on its applications, as well as companies and organizations in the US, resulting in the clean-up of polluted lakes and waterways. While facilitating these hands-on projects, we also incorporate education related to the importance of maintaining and protecting clean water in our environmental courses.