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About Us

Torch 1975’s non-profit organization founded by TorchLady1975 Jessica Nguyen and Col. Joe Snyder with the mission “SUPPORTING AMERICA’S VETERANS”. Born in 1975, a soldier’s daughter, a war victim, she came to America under the Humane Organization program in 1993 after finishing high school; from her father’s story she feels for Veterans’ sufferings and knows it is time to give back to her second homeland country by supporting America’s Veterans. Col. Joe Snyder is a Vietnam Veteran and Commander of Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 9934 in Dana Point. The collaboration between a war victim TorchLady1975 Jessica Nguyen and war Veteran Col. Joe Snyder creates a lasting alliance of service to all American service members of all wars.

With thousands and thousands of America War Veterans returning home from current wars, the burden of Veterans’ organizations providing services is stretched to the breaking point. Our business model will include quarterly forums of distinguished Americans discussing the Vietnam War 1965-1973 and its aftermath including its impact upon the men and women who fought it; the 1st Gulf War 1990-1991 and its impact on Veterans; the 2nd Gulf War i.e. IRAQI Freedom 2003-2011 and its impact on Veterans; and the AFGAN War 2001-? and its continuing impact on Veterans. Also educational forums can help provide bridging generational gaps among all Vets: WWII and Korean War Vets of Seniors generation, Vietnam War Vets of Baby Boomers generation, and all other War Vets of generation X and beyond. TorchLady1975 Jessica Nguyen – Founder of Torch 1975, Inc. belongs to generation X – a median of all five generations (Seniors generation, Baby Boomers generation, Generation X, Generation Y, and generation Z) which gives her an advance knowledge and expertise of bridging generational gaps.

Our core values:






With all the given unique features of authority, it is the destiny of TorchLady1975 Jessica Nguyen to carry on her community’s patriotism as Torch 1975, Inc’s mission - “SUPPORTING AMERICA’S VETERANS” – and is an extension of the community’s devotion to American heroes.