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Mukono, C, Uganda
Joined in September 2007

About Us

Hope for Youth - Uganda (H4YU), is registered in Uganda as NGO #. 5058, and operates in rural communities of Mukono District.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the under-priviledged children and youth in our communities by empowering them through functional education skills and access to health services, while restoring the seed of Hope in them.

H4YU is a Christian based organisation but we do not discriminate in anyway whatsoever.

The community we serve has a population of over 2500 children and youth who are largely vulnerable and socially underprivileged. Majority of these children’s parents and guardians (mostly grandmothers) can neither provide for their basic needs at home, nor can they afford to pay for their meals and other scholastic materials required at government aided schools under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) program.

Myself being a true survivor of the above pitiable conditions, which I grew up under, and after realizing that similar problems existed in almost every household in the community, I got compelled to start this charity work. I studied Accounting in Manchester, UK, but decided to switch profession to try to respond to the challenges of our community by working with young people.

Started in March 2008 with seven children under a tree, we now care for over 250 vulnerable children of between 4-14 years in our school program, while over 60 youths and young mothers attend our out-of-school programs.

Notable among the children we started with, are Diana Nandujja, now the girl who leads our “You Matter” a girls only program; and Proscovia Nakamya who had dropped out of school while in Primary class 5 because her father was not willing to pay anymore fees for her. He wanted to take her to an auntie, which was a clear sign of her being prepared to get married off. That is when she came to our school with her mother after hearing of our free school program. Unfortunately we had to decline her application because at that time, we had only two classes, Primary 1 and Primary 2, yet for her she wanted to join Primary 5. She went back home a disappointed girl, but to everyone’s surprise, Prossy returned the following day and said, “instead of going to the auntie, let me join P.2 class”, which she did and since then she has never looked back. She excelled in the National Primary Leaving exams with a first grade. She is now in Secondary school and she is an ardent member of the “You Matter” girls only program. Similar stories exist for most of our children to which we thank God for the support we get for them to be in schools.

Project Programs

H4YU basically has six (6) thematic intervention areas with an overarching arm of improving Social well-being of children and youth. They include: -

1.  Children / Youth Education Program:
This intervention seeks to help children whose parents/guardians cannot afford to pay for meals and scholastic materials needed at government aided schools.

** H4YU runs a humble infants’ day primary school, providing free education to over 250 children from P1 to P7, with a future plan for skills training studies for those children who may not get a chance to go on to secondary school education. We now have a new sponsorship program for students who complete our primary level into secondary schools. Thanks to our Canadian friends who have taken a lead to sponsor over 35 children into secondary schools and other institutions of higher learning.

2. Youths Program:

** The All Stars: - This program is designed to provide educational and emotional support for young people. The program uses sport, music and performances to create a forum for young people to tell stories, share experiences and create performances.

**  Development School for Youth (DSY) – This is a leadership-training program for young people between the ages of 16 and 21 that focuses on development. Young people are accepted into the Development School's program on the basis of their desire to be leaders. The program looks for partners with corporate professionals and corporations to provide training experiences and internship placements for the DSY graduates.

3.  You Matter” girls only program: - You matter” is a girls’ only program under Hope for Youth-Uganda that reaches out to girls and young mothers from a variety of backgrounds, focused on changing their lives for the better. The program brings together teen school girls and community young mothers to create a forum for participation and expression of their opinions through discussion processes that provide them with important learning experiences and to join in activities that engage their bodies, talents and spiritual minds so as to be productive members of their community.

4. Community Outreach: - This program is done under the grassroots education campaign. We reach out to mothers, grandmothers/guardians regularly for sensitization and promoting our school practices into the households where children live, these include, drinking boiled water, hand washing with soap, nutritious feeding, and general basic care for children. We also oversee the provision of vitamins and other enrichment as well as immunization to children in and out of schools.

5. Access to clean and safe water: Water is a major problem of the communities.  Most water wells are a long distance from homesteads in the community, yet the water is not safe for human consumption. Through some friends, H4YU was able to get a 5000ltrs water harvesting tank for the school and a Borehole to serve both the school and the surrounding community. There is still dire need to help other communities far from our school to have clean source of water sources.

6.  Self-Sustenance Projects.

H4YU has the desire and determination to become an independent ongoing, viable and self reliant organisation. We have embarked on a humble poultry project for feeding children and raise an income that will cater for administration costs; while we wish to expand on the already existing small food crops and fruits farms, which cater for feeding the children and staff at school. 

H4YU continues to enjoy significant growth since inception, working in partnership with local community members/leaders, local and international NGOs + District authorities. We have mentored youth with creativity and social workshops, promoting cross cultural friendship and the spirit of togetherness among them. Built 7 semi-permanent classrooms for kids with an enrollment of over 250 kids. Engage local and international volunteers in various activities.

We continuously look for volunteers, sponsors, donors and well wishers to help run our humble cause more efficiently and effectively.

Please feel free to contact us on
Thank you and God bless you.

Peter Nsubuga
Hope for Youth - Uganda (H4YU), is registered in Uganda as NGO #. 5058, and operates in rural communities of Mukono District.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the under-priviledged children and youth in our communities by…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


  • P.O. Box 33226, Kampala, Mukono, C, Uganda

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