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About Us

HanVoice is a human rights organization established in 2007 dedicated to ending the plight of North Korean refugees in China. Starting with a small group of three ordinary Canadians, HanVoice has grown into an organization of hundreds of members. With a diverse membership encompassing anyone from high school students to retirees, HanVoice has grown exponentially in less than a year. With the introduction of the Ambassador program and the induction of a group of dedicated volunteers, HanVoice has been able to gather talent within the greater community and is ready for 2009.

We at HanVoice believe that although there is a dire necessity for change in North Korea, the difficulties faced by refugees in China is a far more urgent problem. As Canadians, we not only believe in the Canadian principle of the responsibility to protect, but that as individuals in Canada we can make a difference: to raise our voice and make an impact in the lives of these refugees.