Autism Speaks U

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About Us

Launched in 2008, Autism Speaks U is a program designed for college students who host awareness, advocacy and fundraising events. It is an exciting and collaborative way for students to raise funds and awareness for Autism Speaks, while supporting their local autism communities. Student-run events take place both on and off campus and range anywhere from hosting a 5k run/3k walk, to organizing a benefit concert, to bringing in a panel that discusses relevant issues on autism.

Since its inaugural event at Penn State in 2006, Autism Speaks U events have raised over $750,000 and student-organized Walk teams have brought in millions more. With your support, we can unite college communities across the nation into a single, powerful voice for the autism community.

The team at Autism Speaks U guides students in planning and executing events, while connecting them with other college students across the country. Together we will build awareness about autism and raise critical funds for the fight against this complex disorder.