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About Us

AFAR is a non-profit training center, for volunteer firefighters, first responders, and storm spotters. Along with community classes for emergency awareness and preparedness. With a special focus in the special needs of elderly, disabled and pediatric patients. All classes are lead by certified instructors.

Our Wellness Center will be open free of charge to all firefighters, EMS workers and senior citizens. We will provide wellness resources for fire fighters, emergency care givers, aging and special needs citizens. This is dedicated to those that have given their lives in the hope that firefighter health and fitness will become a priority for every firefighter in order to reduce the deaths by heart attack.

There is no doubt that firefighting is a dangerous job. It is also extremely stressful and physically demanding. Firefighting requires strength and passion for the job. It also requires the firefighter to be in great shape. In recent years, more and more firefighters are dying on the job due to heart attacks and cardiac related incidents. With all of the modern studies and statistics on firefighter health, safety and wellness, we are still managing to kill over 100 firefighters per year. The latest statistics show that in 2007 alone, around 54 firefighters (preliminary numbers) died from heart attacks.