Philanthropy Connections Foundation

  • Chiang Mai

About Us

Philanthropy Connections Foundation (PCF) is a non-profit organisation that supports people in vulnerable situations in Southeast Asia. Our staff in Chiang Mai is dedicated to fulfilling our mission of connecting community partners to the resources that they need to support vulnerable people to build dignified lives for themselves


We work in partnership with local organisations who know the problems and needs within their communities. They speak the language and know the culture, making them the ideal partners to implement projects that will address these real problems. All they lack are the resources to find help from outside. 

That is where we help. We shine a light onto small grassroots organisations that would otherwise be invisible to outside help, and in doing so enable them to do more for their communities. While many organisations need financial support, we focus on the ones with a strong mission but who remain cut off from the resources they need.

The partners we support cover a variety of needs-based areas, such as childcare, capacity building, education, health, emergency aid, refugee/migrant issues and women's empowerment.