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About Us

Hope In Motion exists to share a message of hope to students all over the world using music, dance, and dynamic story telling. We are most known for our Middle & High School presentations which are performed in public and private schools across the nation. Our presentation is powerful and will challenge students to live a life of integrity and passion.

Motivational Speaker and Hope In Motion Founder Pedro LaTorre has been speaking to young people for over 7 years and has a personal story that connects with every audience. Pedro grew up in a broken home and before high school had already seen two divorces. He was an exceptional athlete who had dreams of playing professional baseball. At the age of seventeen, Pedro tore his rotator and a very promising professional career became a thing of the past. His story is filled with complex challenges, heart wrenching moments, and a lifetime of tough wisdom.

Pedro LaTorre currently speaks to thousands of students from New York to Los Angeles and has created one of the most dynamic and powerful school assembly presentations this generation has ever seen. His team is made up of professional break dancers, musicians, and other various artists!

Pedro has quickly become recognized as one of the most passionate and diverse young speakers in the United States.