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About Us

Who We Are

A warm welcome from EMORG! EMORG (Education Model Organization) is a registered Tanzania nonprofit founded in 2008 for the improvement of education in the Kisongo Village area of the city of Arusha, Tanzania. EMORG, composed of a diverse team of locals and international volunteers, is constantly evaluating how to improve its services and resources.

What We Do

In Tanzania, primary school is taught in the country's official language, Swahili; however, secondary school is taught exclusively in English. As English instruction in primary schools is often weak, once students reach secondary school and are expected to conduct all of their lessons in English, many lose hope and give up on their education. Founded by a group of fifteen locals who recognized this dire need for improvement, especially in remote village areas, EMORG established a community library in the Kisongo Village area of Arusha.

1. Community Library

The library provides Swahili and English books in a wide range of subjects for students of all ages to use for free. We also have Tanzanian textbooks for students to use at no charge.

2. Teacher Training

EMORG also began providing teacher training courses in an effort to improve English instruction and teaching methods. Most secondary schools in the area employ rote learning techniques and lose many students on account of this methodology. EMORG hopes to shine a light on the latest theories and methods for effective, engaging education.

3. Nursery Schooling

EMORG has recently restarted its Nursery School Program. We are offering English-based Nursery school classes to the community at a low cost. For those that cannot afford the cost, reduced-price and even free education is offered to those in need.

4. Volunteer Outreach Program

We also work to place international volunteers in local schools to co-teach with local teachers, allowing for the transfer of knowledge and teaching methods between both. It's a great experience for the volunteers, participating teachers, and the students!