Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

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About Us

About the Idaho Coalition

The Idaho Coalition identifies, supports, and thrives as an intergenerational, multi-racial, multi-cultural organization for the benefit of our team, our work, and our movement to end gender violence. Our focus is girls and women, and people who are gender oppressed, who are impacted by or at risk of gender violence inextricably connected to and fueled by multiple, systemic oppression. Our approach works to interrupt the root causes of gender violence and the multiple systemic oppressions – sexism, racism, able-ism, hetero-sexism, and other forms of domination, extraction, and violence.

Shared Vision

We envision compassionate communities with social equity and collective liberation; where we see our own and each other’s full humanity and everyone has the ability to thrive; where the dominant narrative is one of interdependence, resilience, and regeneration.

North Star

Liberation for the last girl. Our north star is the embodiment of our vision, values, and purpose. How we understand a problem informs how we imagine solutions to be. The “last girl” concept means placing those most marginalized by society at the center of our work so the solutions we imagine can work for them. Understanding the lived-experience of the most marginalized populations and the impact of societal forces on their lives, helps us more fully understand the reality of those who are made invisible by many mainstream organizations. We work to upend this paradigm and amplify voices from historically marginalized communities and make the last girl’s experience visible. When we intentionally center solutions on the last girl, then the root causes of violence will likely have been addressed for all.