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About Us

CHALLENGES Resultant from its work, CI faces a number of challenges. We continue to develop clear plans to meet strategic aims, secure financial bases and develop the right blend of activities to remain at the cutting edge of human rights and development needs. The frame work for Action outlines ways to get closer to that future, focusing on necessary changes of policy, attitude and approach.

In this regard, the CI is making effort to implement its set objectives in the following areas;

Dissemination of up-to-date information related to human rights and development through:




Manuals, booklets, leaflets and posters

Facilitating access to civil society information from key organization through:

Expert Consultation

Partner activities

Seminars, workshops and trainings

Support of effective and responsive advocacy and lobbying activities to protect and promote human rights as well as basic development needs, through: Research: aims at a purposeful monitoring, research and documentation of human rights conditions and the publication of annual human rights report.


Developing effective media linkages, raising awareness of the human rights situations to activists, decision-makers and other stakeholders at local and international level to ensure better attention and timely action.

Capacity Building:

Equipping CI staff and other human rights activists with skills that enable them to enhance the efficiency of their work and ensure better individual protection through improved personal capacities and familiarity with international human rights norms.

Human Rights Education:

inform, sensitize and educate the public on internationally recognized human rights through the use of journals, newsletters, brochure, posters and report. [ view less ]