Travelers Aid Philadelphia

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111 N. 40th Street
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About Us


Travelers Aid Society of Philadelphia is a non-profit social service organization That offers professional counseling, guidance, protection and shelter to travelers and mobile persons in crisis or transition, especially the infirm, the stranded, runaways or throwaways, the homeless, and those seeking to improve their life situation.

It is our policy to fulfill our mission by providing; • Professional counseling, support, and direction. • Financial assistance for basic needs to those without resources. • Information and counseling at inter-city travel centers that: 1. Prevents problems from becoming crisis. 2. Enables people in crisis to obtain the help they need. 3. Provides protection to those who cannot safely travel on their own. • Transportation assistance to the stranded and others who will benefit from being elsewhere but are unable to do so with their own resources. • Specialized services designed to stabilize the life situation for those who have experienced or are facing chronic homelessness. • Services to people in our community which are within our area of expertise, where such complement and support our primary mission.

The Society will also cooperate with local agencies and agencies elsewhere that serve mobile persons in order to better meet the needs of our community and the needs of our clients. The Society’s services shall meet the standards established by professionally recognized national organizations.