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About Us

Welcome, We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to mentoring youth and young adults through creative arts. Building community using artistic skills to empower youth. We believe that building resilience in each individual is key to building a successful life. We are passionate about fostering development in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects that encourages positive choices. We teach biblical principles that create a foundation for a better life and provide a living connection with our Creator God.We believe that the C.O.R.E. of who we are is in dire need of mentoring! Will you take the next step towards bettering your life or your childs life? Transform Community Outreach is the place for you.

T.C.O. believes that we were creatively made and made to be creative. Creativity is the act of turning new dreams and imaginative ideas into reality. Are you ready to be Transformed by creativity? By igniting the light of creativity in each individual we pull people from the edge of darkness. It is a spiritual journey to partner with others. We mentor so you can tap into the C.O.R.E. so you can learn to be creative by experimenting, exploring, and using imagination. Art provides an opportunity to share important feelings that cannot be expressed verbally. Art gives children an opportunity to build their social skills through creative play, sharing, and enjoying one another’s art work.Youth are able to relax and relieve stress while having FUN! Creative learning is directly linked to the overall health of children’s brain development.

In life, you have no idea what your action cause in others! Be a visionary, even when you go through tough situations someone is paying attention. Never give up there are people dying out there searching for solutions. We pride ourselves on being open to the creative nature of each person. We each feel that art reaches the depths of the soul and we want to be open to that response. Mentorship is one of the most effective forms of transforming an individual’s life into a resilient, successful adult.There is a overwhelming need in the community for involved mentors. we currently offer day camp opportunity youth at risk. Our Camp name is Camp Zweck.