Crawley Coaching

  • Rio de Janeiro


128 A R. Maj. Toja Martinês Filho
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

About Us

We are a tennis organisation who solely offer free tennis classes in Rio de Janeiro to children from the favelas.

Crawley Coaching is in Brazil to make an affirmative, constructive and positive difference to the lives of the children from the favelas. We also hold adult sessions.

Crawley Coaching will teach, promote, encourage, empower and liberate children from the favelas. Through tennis we have the opportunity to build one’s character and advocate a brighter future. The following ideals promote balance and purpose on and off the court:

Tennis and athletic ability, encouraging English, promoting teamwork, an introduction to new and better role models, learning how to lose and to win, understanding discipline, encouraging etiquette, grace and dignity, promoting the power of exercise, education and learning, health and fitness, development, peace, gender equality and the value of helping others, developing confidence, improving self esteem, teaching the importance of rules, determination, drive and enthusiasm and an understanding of wrong and right.