University of California, Los Angeles, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

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About Us

Climate change, species loss and water scarcity — just a few of the reasons we are all compelled to take action for the future of the planet. But Earth’s story doesn’t have to end in doom and gloom. We can write a new narrative:

  • With Los Angeles in a starring role — as a world model for how to build a sustainable metropolis;
  • Where science, the humanities, technology and the media educate and inspire communities to address our biggest social and environmental challenges;
  • And where environmental science students invent and implement solutions that move us to a world in balance.   

At UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, we are helping to write that narrative. We are optimists about our ability to reach Earth 2050 with a healthy, prosperous, sustainable planet and society.

Through our 100 core and associate faculty, the Institute fosters world-class environmental research and education to solve the most critical environmental challenges we face today and tomorrow. We want to become a go-to source for local and global decision makers who want breakthroughs toward building a sustainable future. We make those breakthroughs through fostering unusual and inspiring collaborations and by engaging with the world broadly. We will also launch the careers of the next generation of environmental leaders spanning the full spectrum of socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and political heritages.