South Fork Merced River Trailblazers

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About Us

Our Mission: The "South Fork Merced River Trailblazers" connects individuals to nature, and nature to communities through education and stewardship opportunities found in the re-establishment and maintenance of trails in the South Fork Drainage of the Sierra National Forest next to Yosemite National Park. While trail maintenance is the most visible outcome, it's our conversations at mealtime and around the campfire about conservation of our wild lands and in our urban communities that matter the most. Our mission is like that saying: It's not the destination (trail work), it's the journey (knowledge, partnerships and change).

Who we Serve: While demographically diverse, program participants share a common respect for nature. Many of our participants are college students, professors, local community members, or visitors from other cities and states. The outings are intentionally salted with artists and scientists to enhance our appreciation and knowledge about this special place in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

Our Partners: U.S. Forest Service, Upper Merced River Watershed Council and YosemiteExcursions.

Latest Listings

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