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About Us

Since 1982, Mass Energy has pursued a mission to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable for the consumers of Massachusetts. In 2007, Mass Energy merged with Rhode Island's People's Power & Light to form a new nonprofit, the Energy Consumers Alliance of New England. In Massachusetts, we continue to do business as Mass Energy and in Rhode Island as People's Power & Light.Over the years we have developed various programs to achieve our goals:

• Green Power Programs: Our New England Wind and New England GreenStart programs enable consumer to choose renewable energy to meet their electricity needs, instead of fossil fuels and nuclear power. We also serve several community choice aggregations.

• Solar Energy Programs: We promote solar energy by educating consumers and connecting them with high-quality solar installers.

* Drive Green: We run the first in the northeast group buyers program for electric cars.

• Advocacy: Our staff serves as a trusted voice for both consumers and the environment on local, state and regional energy issues.

* Discount Heating Oil Service: Using the buying power of over 13,000 members we are able to negotiate better prices for consumers.

* Oil Bank: Through the generosity of our members, foundations, and good corporate citizens, we provide emergency heating oil deliveries for members of our community who need it most.