Hellenic Cultural Month

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About Us

Hellenic Cultural Month is an organization whose goal is to celebrate and showcase Hellenic culture by presenting a vibrant and eclectic mix of programs and events, including, but not limited to, music, theater, dance, literature, the visual arts, photography and film.

The vision of Hellenic Cultural Month is to become a cultural space for people wishing to experience and connect with the diversity, richness and beauty of Hellenic culture through events that represent works from antiquity to the present.

All Hellenic Cultural Month performances will present a range of traditional forms of Hellenic art and expression. These artistic performances will be a journey of images, words and sounds of Hellenic culture. Hellenic Cultural Month will offer an opportunity for interested audiences to attend performances and programs by acclaimed world class performers.

The debut of Hellenic Cultural Month is planned to take place in New York City in the winter of 2011 with the prospect of reoccurring thereafter in other major U.S. cities. Hellenic Cultural Month will bring people together and will become a destination for people to be entertained. All the presentations will aim at suggesting a mere glimpse of the beauty and complexity of the culture of Greece and Cyprus and of the threads and connections from the past to the present which are with us today.

Main areas of focus: 1. Art, Architecture, Music

2. Foundations, Fundraising and Philanthropy

3. Travel and Transportation