Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers (CFMSA)

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About Us

Everywhere we are touched by the triumph of the human spirit and enriched by encountering people's faith experience. We join with them announcing the healing, reconciling and liberating Jesus. Given our identity as priests and Brothers from the United States Church and given our grounding, our relationships and our reading of the world around us, we draw upon the teaching of the Church and the rich experience of our members for the main aspects of the evangelization process:

The Good News shared through Presence and Witness, as Christians live their faith in the ordinary events of daily life.

The Good News embodied in Human Promotion and Liberation, as Christians stand in solidarity with the poor and excluded members of society.

The Good News experienced in Liturgical Life, Prayer and Contemplation, as Christians celebrate their sacramental life and intimacy with God.

The Good News manifested through lnterreligious Dialogue, as Christians experience the dialogue of salvation with persons of other faith traditions.

The Good News expressed through Proclamation and Catechesis, as Christians explicitly communicate the Gospel and welcome believers into the Church.

Integral evangelization incorporates all these complementary aspects, reaching fullness when ordered to explicit proclamation, whenever and wherever possible.