Wheel Wishers

  • NJ


West New York

United States

About Us

Wheel Wishers Non-Profit Organization was established with the mission to alleviate human, animal and environmental sufferings in the world because we believe that these sufferings equally deserve our attention in creating a better world for next generations to come.

We aim to alleviate these sufferings by using electronic, print and video media as a tool to raise awareness, create public understanding and initiate direct private contributions to effective, transparent and honest community based initiatives around the world addressing these challenges.

We will achieve this mission by: creating a comprehensive and interactive online platform where the public can discover, study and directly financially contribute to community-based initiatives; marketing, selling and supporting locally manufactured and fairly traded merchandises to the public and use part of the proceeds for the support of community-based organizations (CBOs); and creating a library of educational print and online video contents to educate the public by visiting community-based initiatives around the world.