Groundwork Books Collective

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About Us

Groundwork Books is a small independent infoshop and collective bookstore that seeks to promote positive social change by providing alternative and broadminded literature on topics such as gender, race, economics, international history and political theory as well as other items like political posters, t-shirts, buttons and Zapatista merchandise. Groundwork maintains a zine and legal library in addition to providing open space for community events such as study groups, film screenings or discussions. Groundwork is also home to the Books for Prisoners project, an all volunteer venture that works to send books to inmates throughout the United Sates. B4P works to match book donations to each of the over 1,000 requests we receive each month. We believe books are tools for learning and opening minds to new ideas and possibilities. Groundwork is a part of the the Cooperative Union on the UCSD campus.

The Cooperatives at UCSD are 501(c)(3) non-profit student-run organizations encompassing the Food Co-op, Groundwork Books Collective, the General Store Co-op and the Che Cafe Collective. The co-ops are an educational experiment in a non-hierarchical work environment and collective decision making. In addition, the Co-ops also serve as community resource centers and an open space for educational, political and social events. The Cooperatives are a valuable campus resource for learning and practicing alternative business, entrepreneurship and personal autonomy.