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About Us

I VOTE is an entertainment-based non-profit that connects America's youth to the power of their vote through creative culture and digital outreach.

A defiant spirit is rising from the youth. Millennials have refused to disengage from the body politic that seeks to marginalize them. Instead, they’ve thrown down a challenge to politicians of every party and office: work with us or step aside – because now it’s our turn.

The young generation care about progress not candidates. They seek American optimism, not scoreboard politics. They do not define their red, white and blue passion in terms of right versus left, but right versus wrong.

This is why we created I Vote. Today’s youth march to a different drumbeat than prior generations – the traditional means of political outreach and communication fall far short. A generation this creative and plugged in need fresh content and a digital social-political network to give full voice their enthusiasms. I Vote was built to provide both.

I Vote uses digital platforms to engage young people on current issues such as immigration, gun control, and voting rights because American Youth are key to solving these issues. By recognizing the creative culture and technology of today we are able to connect young people the issues they care about most and engage them in the community.