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About Us

BloodBanker is a 501c3 nonprofit charity working to eliminate deadly blood supply shortages that threaten to collapse the world economy.

Affecting millions of people in every country worldwide, blood supply shortages are real and only getting worse. Every year demand for blood increases by about 6%, while supply only gains 3%.

In mild shortages, all elective surgeries can be put on hold until blood levels are stabilized. In extreme situations, acute injuries can’t be treated and the injured tragically die without compatible blood available.

Currently there is NO substitute for human blood for healing injuries, performing medical operations, and treating a whole host of diseases. You have at least a 25% likelihood to need a blood transfusion in your lifetime. When that time comes, do you want to be on a waiting list because the hospital is out of blood?

BloodBanker is disrupting the global blood industry by creating a sustainable system.