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About Us

One Song. One Planet. One Future. What would it be like to have 15 million people singing one song across the world, in celebration of the Earth? Help us find out by joining the largest global choir ever assembled in 12.21.2012. Imagine everyone you know, all around the world, singing a simple, beautiful song that celebrates our common humanity and this beautiful orb we all call home. Join the thousands around the world who have already registered their voices and be a part of the fun. Expand your idea of what is possible. Inspired by the power of a common song, there is no limit to what we can do, together, as a global community to create healing; to discover innovative solutions for ourselves and for our planet. Visit our website to find out more information and to discover how you can: 1) Join the Global Choir: Add your voice to our global song community and you'll be among the first to get updates on our progress and preparations. 2) Learn the Song: You'll find some of the preliminary recorded versions of ise Oluwa, the "One Song" we are calling the world to sing.

The Good Earth Singers: singing out in celebration of our Good Good Earth.