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About Us

The Drama Studio is an after-school theatre arts conservatory that teaches 26 weekly afterschool theatre classes.

Our mission is to enrich and validate the adolescent experience in our diverse community via excellence in a conservatory-style acting training program. The Drama Studio is one of a handful of after-school acting conservatories in the United States where a young actor can intensively study and advance through a theatre curriculum before he or she is 18.

Classroom Training: Our acting classes are small in size and are taught by a professional faculty. After taking an Introduction to Acting Course for two semesters, a student will recieve a recommendation for a a variety of intermediate and advanced courses that include:

Vacation Camps are offered so that students will have fun and exciting training opportunities during February, April and summer vacations.

Performances: Acting opportunities range from informal participation in class sharings to finished classwork in the annual Cabaret and finally to roles in a variety of plays. Each year the Studio produces three full-length productions, three touring productions, two Festivals of student-written one act plays, and ten vacation programs which also provide performance opportunities.

Outreach: As a not-for-profit community based organiztion, it is vital to the Drama Studio's mission to extend our impact into situations where youth may not have access to positive coming-of-age experiences. It is our goal to give an uplifiting adolescent experience to as many students as possible, whether they are enrolled in our conservatory or not.