Rise of the Butterfly

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150 West 28th Street
New York
New York
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About Us

Rise of the Butterfly is a nonprofit designed to expand the reach of art as visual aid in calling out communities to direct action. Art teaches us the significance of life, the art of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. The mission of Rise of the Butterfly is to work with already established nonprofits who are working diligently to protect those affected by human trafficking and environmental displacement. We are supporting two areas of focus in tandem, because we understand the importance of how you treat the most disenfranchised of people; those enslaved and exploited for their most sacred of treasures, the most private of matters, the very act that bringhs forth all life. We are working to illuminate pathways to transformation and rebalance for those recovering from human trafficking. While working on the micro level of one human at a time, we want to bridge the surrounding world we live in because: How we value the earth that we live on is reflected in every other element of our nature as a society. The focus of our role is to provide art and sustainable funding thorugh arts. Our art aims to help viewers to break out of established patterns in order to view the generally accepted method and the status quo through a different perspective. The art we share bridges what we see through our direct involvement on the front lines with carefully chosen organizations, with our goal, to have the viewer see the world and their role in it, differnetly. Our campaigns are based on two merits, they must be visually stunning, and nourishing to the human spirit, leading the viewer to a calm state of awe. Once they are in this mindset, they can absorb small actions and practical steps towards change. The majority of art activism focuses on the injustice at hand rather than solutions that need to be innovated. Our intention is to beutifu your world thorugh activism that excites and energizes the viewer to be a catylist for change rather than being a reminder of the pain that is drowning us.