Nuestra Casa de East Palo Alto

  • California


2396 University Avenue
East Palo Alto
United States

About Us

Nuestra Casa is a community education organization dedicated to increasing civic participation and promoting economic self-sustainability of the Latino immigrant population of East Palo Alto and the area served by the Ravenswood City School District. Embracing popular education values and practices, we develop local leadership in order to foster changes for the betterment of the community’s integral economic and social well-being. A cornerstone of our work is the recognition that the growth of families’ knowledge is intrinsically linked to developing community power. As a voice representing the community, Nuestra Casa seeks to guarantee its political participation in various spheres. We believe that the community is the essence and bastion of our work, and thus seek to nurture its unification and strength, guiding it toward self-sufficiency, educational success and democratic participation.

Core Values

·      Community: We realize that by working alone, we will not reach our destination

·      Integrity: We conduct ourselves in a manner that is ethical and just

·      Respect: We value the opinions and perspectives of every community stakeholder

·      Humility: We premise our work on meeting the needs of those we serve

·    Collaboration: We seek strong partnerships to ensure the greatest impact in our community.