Intercultural L.A. Samba Kids

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About Us

L.A. Samba Kids, a culturally rich arts education program reflective of the Brazilian Carnival tradition, is dedicated to building the creative capacities, social, emotional, and leadership skills, and commitment to community of urban, under-resourced middle and high school students in South Los Angeles.  Through our California Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards-based curriculum in music, dance, visual and media arts, as well as instruction in nutrition choices and personal development, L.A. Samba Kids inspires youth to practice personal discipline and healthy behaviors, acquire creative and performance skills, build self-confidence and pride in accomplishment, and form positive relationships within their community.  

L.A. Samba Kids will lead students to increase their capacity for participation, performance, and leadership, broaden their vision of what they can achieve, and empower their personal, academic, and future outcomes.  In the near future, we will expand and model our program for the benefit of additional students and their communities in South Los Angeles.