Autoimmune Registry Inc

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125 West Lane
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About Us

Autoimmune Registry, Inc., ARI, is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation founded in 2016 to create a hub for research, statistics, and patient data on all autoimmune illnesses.

We operate a national database for patients who suffer from any autoimmune disease. Our mission is to reduce the time of diagnosis, support research, compute prevalence statistics, and establish autoimmune disease as a major class of disease so that it receives the awareness of the public, the attention of healthcare providers, and the appropriate funding needed to improve upon existing treatment protocols and disease management strategies.

We also aim to become a trusted source where patients with these diseases can find credible, scientifically-supported information about their diseases, promising treatments in the pipeline, and accurate prognosis insights. Whenever necessary, we will redirect patients to our patient advocacy groups for further resources and information.