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About Us


Sierra Care Foundation — SCF, is a small charity founded by late Dr Ernest Tamba Kamara and is supported by friends to meet the needs of children who are in dire need of better Nutritional health, education and survival. Since its formation, SCF volunteers have worked and forge partnership with local groups and schools in communities where the needs of the children are great. The thrust of SCF is to assist stricken by poverty that are hungry and willing to return or go to school. SCF is an organization founded in Sierra Leone to support innovative community initiatives that promote nutrition, education, health and entrepreneurship especially among children and youths that are not supported by any local NGOs or INGOs on the ground.

SCF's main concern is the realization of sustainable development in which we should all "Leave No Child Behind" according to the Sustainable Development Goals, in which SCF is committed the first 5 SDG Goals set:

1.     No Poverty — End poverty in all its forms everywhere

2.     Zero Hunger — End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

3.     Good Health and Well-Being — Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

4.     Quality Education — Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

5.     Gender Equality — Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls


Since its formation, SCF with support from and individuals volunteering supports locally, has help us achieve positive impacts, socio-economic welfare in the first phase locality and has ensure proper learning environment by providing habitable accommodation and feeding.

The vision of SCF is peaceful co-existence and development in which everyone participate equally and effectively in problem and solution identification and where local communities, local schools and local developmental bodies come together for the benefit of the needy children, who are not fortunate enough to be fed nutritionally Or even to go to school.

SCF succeeded to hold three successful meetings with the School Development Committee (SOC) and community Heads to forge an understanding of our vision and goals. We made sure that there is community ownership of the project. There is need to involve everyone as children supported are from their communities. The local community and leadership have been very supportive of being part SCF and are ready to do more though the financial assistance are not enough to take care of many children affected by past Ebola and Other factors.

In order to realize its goals, SCF need more support from the friends of the late Dr Ernest Tamba Kamara who has passed away and would be great for those who were helping, to do hold this Foundation strongly as Directors and Managers so that this vision and mission of SCF would not die down.

SCF is not only on feeding children but also creating community capacity to provide foster accommodation, education and health infrastructure, and with a particular outreach to the most vulnerable in communities.

In the past,    has provided financial support that took care of 150 impoverished children by feeding them thrice a day.