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About Us

PlaNet Finance Group is a leading international non-profit organization with the mission to alleviate poverty through the development of microfinance. PlaNet Finance, which is headquartered in Paris, has over 1,000 staff, a worldwide network of 122 microfinance and banking experts, and is active in about 50 countries. PlaNet Finance Advisory Services is the core business of the Group, focusing on the provision of advisory services to banks, non-bank financial institutions, and other stakeholders involved in microfinance. PlaNet Finance’s clients and partners include the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the European Union, Citi Foundation, as well as local banks and microfinance institutions.

Since 2003, PlaNet Finance China – headquartered in Beijing - has been active in over 20 provinces in China, offering advisory services and technical assistance to microfinance actors. We believe millions of people in China who are underserved by the traditional banking sector deserve financial dignity beyond non-transparent and ruinous informal finance channels.

We work deep in China’s rural & urban banking system to help financial institutions reach a previously unreachable client base in a risk managed & sustainable manner. At the same time, we know that loans are just the beginning: our Microfinance Plus group helps local financial institutions bring benefits to the communities in which they operate, including training, education and development projects.

Successful projects in China have included the establishment of Microcred, the first fully foreign-owned microcredit company in Sichuan province, the set-up of an integrated microfinance and development model in rural Gansu, and the provision of microfinance advisory and technical assistance to Harbin Bank, Huishang Bank, Changxing United Rural Bank, Beichuan Fumin Village and Township Bank, Nanjing City Commercial Bank, and CFPA Microfinance.

Some of our major supporters and funders include the World Bank, Credit Suisse Foundation, Citi Foundation, the European Union, among others.