Karma Foundation Nepal (KFN)

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About Us

KARMA FOUNDATION NEPAL, a non-profitable organization established in 2015, is a legal entity registered (Regd. No. 135222/71/072) at the company registrar office, Kathmandu. With a view of changing not only one’s life but one’s soul too, Karma Foundation Nepal has started working with different stakeholders in promoting the lifestyle and as said earlier making a happy soul.

Karma: The effect of a person’s action that determines their fate in life comes to every individual irrespective of their class, culture, nationality, color, race etc. It is believed that whatever the deed is, it surely comes back either today or tomorrow. The sacred books, Hinduism & Buddhism have described “Karma” and take it as an integral part of human life. We at “Karma Foundation Nepal” does follow the path shown by our holy books, culture & the experience of our past.

With the view of developing the life style of person, motivating a depressed soul & creating a healthy & dynamic community are the major objectives of Karma Foundation Nepal.We strive in making this world full of beautiful souls.

Our every deed has its consequences and the payback is inevitable. One’s action surely does determine what is in store for them in future. With positive and inspiring thoughts like this we Karma Foundation Nepal will show the path of positivist to the society and the people within.

  • Build a society free from physical and mental stress through organization of programs likes sports, meditation, work outs, and spiritual discourse in divine approach.
  • Operate conscience driven, retribution oriented, counter defensive, remedial, rehabilitating functions to issue related to public health, agriculture, education, and environment.
  • Lend a hand in task related to rescue, relief and rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities like flood, landslide, fire, earthquake and such.
  • Establish relation, correspond and exchange ideas with national and international organizations and companies with similar objectives as ours.