Rahab's Rope

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About Us

Rahab's Rope exists to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. By creating a safe and loving environment, they are enabled to grow and develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our work provides basic education and vocational training for each girl and woman who come through our centers; ultimately, allowing them to intergrate into their communities in a positive and constructive manner.

We execute this by focusing on three main areas:

Human Trafficking Prevention: By educating at-risk women and teaching them skills we reduce their likelihood of being trafficked or resulting to prostitution to earn an income

Direct Care and Rescue: We build relationships directly with women in prostitution and help aid their rescues.

Aftercare: We offer hope to former victims of trafficking by providing a safe, loving environment that will enable them to grow both physically and spiritually as they develop tools for a better life

We are a faith-based non-profit organization based in Gainesville, GA. We also have staff working in three different areas of India.