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About Us

GlobalVote is an innovative internet-based democratic tool that enhances the principles of democracy in the era of globalization using shadow voting and polling systems to inform and comment upon the policy decisions of International Organizations, and to advocate for fair representation in voting for resolutions that affect people around the globe.

GlobalVote allows people around the world to voice their opinions and express their views on resolutions made by decision makers of International Organizations. GlobalVote is an initiative of the non-governmental organization Globalhood (, which aims at creating and enhancing development initiatives by growing connections and providing resources across disciplines.

With a proper system for discerning global public opinion, democracy and equitable representation can flourish, providing a substitute to the flawed systems that currently guide global decision making. GlobalVote allows people to act together to represent common global interests. We spread clear, important, and actionable voting information to the media and masses, and demonstrate that alternative and fairer voting mechanisms are possible.

GlobalVote outcomes are not intended as simply referenda on global issues. Because access to the internet is still limited, although rapidly increasing, the numbers of voters will be limited, and therefore, as with polling and most data-gathering we will depend more on the credibility of the small sample rather than on the sheer numbers. We do, however, firmly believe that the alternative voting scenarios we will produce will go a long way in providing an alternative voice for the majority of the world not adequately represented by current voting practices.