OurSpace World, Inc. dba OurSpace Acupuncture

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914 Silver Spring Ave.
Suite 104
Silver Spring
United States

About Us

OurSpace World, Inc. (DBA OurSpace Acupuncture) is a Maryland non-profit dedicated to building sustainable, affordable communities centered around total healthcare and wellness. Since November of 2011, it has operated a thriving community acupuncture clinic in downtown Silver Spring. 

The mission of OurSpace Acupuncture is quite simple: we want to give everyone access to quality & affordable acupuncture as a means to better health, lasting wellness, and a way to discover how to be your own best primary caretaker. The body is an incredibly resilient masterpiece crafter especially for you by mother nature. Given a little poking and prodding (pun fully intended!), your symptoms heal and new opportunities for how to live, heal, and stay well will come flooding into your life.

The goal at OurSpace Acupuncture is to make available to everyone healing and healthcare that is safe, accessible, affordable, effective, and drug-free. In order to do this, we provide acupuncture in a community setting, where multiple people receive acupuncture pins to help maintain wellness and aid the healing of ailments. Because of this format, we are able to allow people to pay what they can afford. Our sliding scale is $15-$40 per 1-hour treatment - you decide what to pay, no questions asked.