Filament Theatre Ensemble

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United States

About Us

Mission: To pioneer a model of theatre-making that simultaneously profits our ensemble, our neighborhood and the Earth.

We believe that the performing arts are necessary tools for imaging alternative possibilities for restoring balance between humanity and the natural world and are therefore essential contributors to individual, community and environmental health.

We will accomplish our mission by creating theatre in a folk tradition that celebrates pre-industrial performing styles. We will design these experiences to activate our audience as citizens, artists, and good stewards.

Vision: Visionary Theatre, Vibrant Neighborhood, Verdant Earth

Filament Theatre’s vision is to become an international leader in the performing arts and green industries by modeling how to fully integrate excellent artistic practice with the needs of a redeveloping community and a taxed ecosystem.

We equally value:The natural world and all her living creatures Action Connection Attention Learning Giving Health The past, present and future