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Ivory Coast

About Us

SILOE is an N.G.O. (Non-Governmental Organization) characterized as both humanitarian and evangelical in nature. It was instituted in May 2003 by the UEESO church district of Danané in order to come to the aid of brothers and sisters suffering the effects of the civil war. Even though the district was witness to enormous loss of life, material possessions, and masses of displaced people, the Lord Jesus remains our Hope and ever-present Help, he who lives to transform evil into good. Following are the principal objectives of the organization: - The stabilization of the living environment – i.e. a high percentage of the running water and drinking water has been contaminated by decomposing human remains; large caches of hidden and/or abandoned arms and ammunition remain a serious threat to the rural population. - Community health – the risk of endemic illness and epidemics such as AIDS and cholera have increased exponentially. - Malnutrition – during the civil war there was widespread and indiscriminate pillaging of granaries and ripe fields of dietary staples such as rice and manioc, and theft of simple farm implements; at present, agriculturally, there are tremendous deficiencies, i.e. lack of seed and implements; the consequent buying power of the local populations has crumbled dramatically. The N.G.O. SILOE was created for the purpose of organizing and promoting the sanitation and stabilization of the living environment, community health care. and issues related to malnutrition. Since its creation in May 2003, SILOE has consistently undertaken the distribution of essential goods and services to the war victims of Danané financed primarily by brothers and sisters in Abidjan.