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About Us

Africa Bridge is a rural economic development organization with an emphasis on assisting vulnerable children and their families in Tanzania.

Africa Bridge economically aids families in rural villages of SW Tanzania who have accepted responsibility for caring, nurturing and educating orphans and vulnerable children. Working with Africa Bridge, these families have developed sustainable programs that are touching and improving the lives of over six thousand children and their families.

Africa Bridge blends effectiveness and efficiency to change Tanzania one child at a time. Its core projects include providing seed capital for farm cooperatives, training for agricultural projects, building classrooms, providing scholarships for school expenses and supporting Tanzania's Most Vulnerable Children Committees (MVCCs).

Our Mission

The mission of Africa Bridge is to listen to Tanzanian children and empower their communities to protect, support and care for orphaned and vulnerable children through integrated sustainable development.

Core Principles

  • We listen, gathering extensive feedback and input from children and local leaders. Our projects are designed by Africans for Africans.
  • We encourage men, women and children to come together as equals, discover their common ground and plan for their future.
  • We combine Africa's deep values of community and relationship with Western resources and technologies. We facilitate local solutions and foster independence.
  • We strengthen families and their communities so that they can become empowered, economically secure and have the capacity to protect and nurture their children.