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Celebrant Foundation & Institute

What is the Celebrant Foundation & Institute?

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute a non-profit 501c3 organization is dedicated to educating certified Life-Cycle Celebrants®. The Celebrant Foundation & Institute began in 2001 with headquarters in Montclair, New Jersey and are members of the International Federation of Celebrants.

For more than 50 years, and with more than one million ceremonies officiated at worldwide, certified Life-Cycle Celebrants®, internationally have been serving: individuals, couples, families, communities and society to mark life’s milestones with personalized ceremonies.

What is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant?

Celebrants are staunchly schooled and certified in the art of ceremony in a seven month college level program of studies; they officiate at virtually every life event with a focus on personalizing each ceremony to reflect the needs, beliefs and values of the couple or family. Ceremonies include: Weddings, Civil Unions, Baby and Parenting, Adoption, Survivor, Illness, Healing & Transition, Funerals, Memorials, Celebration of Life, Divorce, Transition, Dwelling, Animal Tributes, Work Place & Job Loss, Launches, Community, Civic and Charity.

Why is there a need for Celebrants?

In today’s multi-cultural diverse and fast-paced world, the only way that people can live an authentic, full life and progress to the important and inevitable next phases is by consciously taking the time to recognize, celebrate and pay homage to one’s own personal life’s milestones.

  • Current research and statistics state that majority of the population and a growing number of people today are not associating themselves with a particular “religion” but consider themselves more so as “spiritual”(1). As a result, this disenfranchised society struggles to find a way to personally honor important life-cycle transitions and moments in life. Celebrants world-wide are answering the call for many interfaith, secular and all-inclusive ceremonies that capture the essence of people, their relationships with one another and who they are at the very core.

Why is the Celebrancy movement important to all people? The Celebrant Foundation & Institute and its Celebrants are leading this movement internationally. The Celebrant Foundation is both a human rights and a human rites organization. Through example by officiating at thousands of ceremonies, Celebrants (educated via the Celebrant Foundation & Institute’s Celebrant Certification Study Program) demonstrate to people how to genuinely re-connect with themselves and each other through the revived ancient traditions of ceremony, ritual and oral story-telling. Celebrants serve society in keeping people’s very own history alive for themselves and their future generations.

How to find more information?

Visit www.celebrantinstitute.org and to gain access to Celebrant history, institute studies, ceremonies, celebrants, brochures, endorsements & testimonials, press stories, ceremony videos and celebrant interviews.

The Celebrant Foundations has been featured in: NPR, CBS TV News, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Chicago NY Times, BBC News, CNN and Money Magazine – to name a few.