South North Development Initiative

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About Us

The mission of South North Development Initiative is to promote job growth and reduce poverty in Latin America and Southern Africa through the establishment of specialized Local Investment Funds (LIFs) which provide both capital and advisory services to small and medium size businesses.

Small and medium-sized businesses in emerging economies can offer many employment opportunities to low-income, disenfranchised, and minority groups. LIFs invest for profit in small and medium size businesses in regions and among populations without access to equity capital. The success of these businesses provides an engine for local growth and brings long-term benefits to communities. LIFs foster entrepreneurship, reduce poverty and create jobs while similutaneously generating a return on investment. They respond to the needs and characteristics of the local market and are entirely locally managed.

South North acts as a catalyst in launching LIFs and provides seed money for select initiatives. Once established, South North offers management, marketing, and technical assistance to LIF Managers.

South North also maintains Board membership and technical assistance contracts with the funds to ensure profitability, strong investment standards, and positive local impact.