Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

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About Us

Our Vision

A world in which all families have an equal opportunity to benefit from quality health care.

Our Mission

To provide access to medical care for the millions of underprivileged and medically underserved families around the world.

We strive to accomplish our mission through the following efforts:

ACCESS: First and foremost, we look at access to healthcare. Can our community members easily get to a clinic? What do they do in case of an emergency? In areas where no clinical services are available, we work with the community to build out the necessary infrastructure to improve access. Whether it be the construction of our own clinic or modifying a building within the community, we work to ensure that the communities we serve have the ability to seek a healthcare professional.

EDUCATION: Another major focus of our work is preventative health. We work hard to integrate into our communities to address local needs and launch outreach programs. We listen to our community members, the Ministry of Health and other major organizations in the communities where we work and build health education programs based on the feedback.

PARTICIPATION: A key component of our success is participation. Participation from community members is vital, as we ask the community to work alongside us in improving health in the communities in which we work.

We also believe in participation from the global community. That's why FIMRC engages volunteers from all walks of life to participate in our programs. The Global Health Volunteer Program, Chaptership Program and Internship Program are all ways in which we hope to inspire the global community to help improve the health of those that we serve.

Through determination and the belief that all children deserve health, FIMRC time and again declares itself as a major force in the delivery of healthcare worldwide – one clinic and one child at a time.