HARD [Human Action for Rural Development]Hyderabad,India

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About Us

HARD is a voluntary organization working for the integrated development of vulnerable communities since 1985. It is a registered society [registered under FCRA also],dedicated for the upliftment of women, children,youth, sex workers,small farmers and landless poor communities.

Ramayampet area of Medak District and Hyderabad city slums are project areas of HARD

Poverty alieviation and other community problems will be eliminated when whole community involve in the mission from the beginning, WE BELIEVE.

HARD promoting networking among sex workers and other communities to develop and creat a just society. Several challenges are faced by HARD & its communities, in the process. The threat of HIV/AIDS is not only for sex workers but also to the entire society. This realization is taken to core areas for acceptance and understanding. The results are coming in optimistic way.

Directly working for DOMMARA sex workers community, prevention of child trafficking, rehabilitation of sex workers and their children, campaign on HIV & AIDS are thrust areas of HARD.

oldage welfare,child issues, support to hiv positives, hiv awareness in schools and several multi facial activities are in active process.

Thank you.