Institute of Core Energetics

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150 West 23rd Street
Suite 1803
New York
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About Us

The Institute of Core Energetics, a mission driven non–profit organization, provides quality training in holistic, body centered therapy focusing on the integration of body, mind, spirit, will, and emotion. The Institute’s approach emphasizes the synthesis of the didactic, the experiential, and the scientific in conjunction with relevant techniques, theory, and practice, to connect energy theory, body psychotherapy, and Spiritual intelligence with traditional approaches to mental health and wellness. The Institute of Core Energetics believes in the importance of cultivating a desire to understand, appreciate, and value the ethnic, cultural, religious, and sexual diversity that make up humankind, as a critical part of the growth process of each individual. The Institute offers three comprehensive training programs that provide theory, techniques, demonstration, and hands on practice. The four–year Practitioner Training Program is designed to train and certify individuals as Core Energetics™ Practitioners who help people heal and live their fullest life. The two–year Personal Transformation Program supports students in reaching their innate potential. The four–year Leadership Program applies the principles of Core Energetics™ in an exploration of what it means and takes to be a “leader.” A Post–Graduate Program is also offered to graduates of either four–year program.