Connected Learning

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1157 North Berry Road
St. Louis
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About Us

You might be saying to yourself, “Who is Connected Learning?” Imagine you’re the one of the best* teachers at the school in which you work. You know you’re the best teacher because:

  • you care about kids
  • you put decisions that impact kids first
  • you strive to learn and grow each day
  • you try new things
  • you fail, reflect, try something different
  • you recycle your lesson plan book at the end of the year
  • others in the building where you work think you are always “going rogue”
  • it’s lonely.

This loneliness you feel is what we call the “Island of Excellence.” When we try new things and challenge the status quo that puts a divide between us and our colleagues. We need to find other “best teachers” and connect with them. Join us. We are Connected Learning.

*You are the best when you realize “best” is never finishing but a journey that continues to recreate the best version of yourself.

The story we tell

Once upon a time there was a teacher who was good, but wanted to get better.

Every day her administrator tried to plan professional learning that was best for the building but not exactly perfect for them.

But, one day they learned about Connected Learning.

Because of that they attended an event.

Because of that they met other teachers that took risks, tried new things, redefined education and learning.

Because of that they tried new things in their classroom to impact not only learning but their community.

Until, finally they realized this profession of education is so much more than a job they do.

And, ever since then they learned the power of connecting with other educators to transform their school.