The Co-op School

  • NY


Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy

United States

About Us

In a large city like New York, The Co-op School provides a safe and stimulating micro-environment where students experiment and learn. All members of The Co-op School — students, families and staff — contribute to the development of our unique culture and participate in and improve our community and beyond. As students learn to work together, preparing for a global environment, families also work in committees and on the board to support the school. Whether painting walls, assembling furniture, growing the school through various initiatives, and much more, we all help The Co-op School flourish. Meanwhile, faculty collaborate to create learning opportunities that evolve with students’ strengths and interests in addition to utilizing best practices. Teachers guide students in the dynamic, life-long process of questioning and deepening connections. Through far-reaching social studies projects enriched through literature, math, science and the arts, students make decisions, research and reflect.

Students will leave The Co-op School confident to effect change in the community and comfortable reflecting on ways to challenge and grow themselves. As creative problem solvers, each with unique viewpoints and learning styles, students will embrace the idea of a more equitable world. We strive to inspire passion and teach children to become protagonists in their own educational journey by fostering their innate sense of curiosity and creativity. We listen to and honor the individual interests and strengths of each child.