Cordova District Fishermen United

  • Alaska


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About Us

Cordova District Fishermen United (CDFU) is a 501(c)(5) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and perpetuating the commercial fishery in the waters of Area E.

CDFU represents and advocates on behalf of over 900 commercial fishermen and their families who harvest the sustainable wild resources of Alaska’s Area E waters, which includes Prince William Sound, the Copper River flats and the northern-central Gulf of Alaska. It is our mission to preserve, promote and perpetuate the commercial fishing industry in Area E and to further promote safety at sea, legislation, conservation, management and general welfare for the mutual benefit of all our members.

CDFU has a board of experienced commercial fishing permit holders in four separate divisions: Gillnet, Groundfish, Seine, and Herring. CDFU’s structure is divisional, enabling each gear group to deal with gear-specific and allocative issues without comprising the function of the entire organization to address issues relevant to all commercial fishermen.