The Good Samaritan, Inc of the Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic

About Us

The Good Samaritan Inc. is a Dominican-led social service organization that has offered community-based learning experiences to impoverished children and adults in the Dominican Republic since 1978. Our programs for 2012-2013 include literacy and language courses, as well as community arts, ministry, and sports programs that presently serve over 200 children and adults. Our programs are run by and for Dominican citizens!

For over 2,000 international visitors, The Good Samaritan Inc. has served as a bridge that links international learning experiences to improved social outcomes for impoverished Dominican children. Traditionally, our international volunteers have served our children as short-term English language tutors and ministry assistants. Meanwhile, these volunteers are immersed in a Spanish-language environment and are able to put into practice what they have learned in their college classrooms about language, international development, education, and service provision.

We are excited to offer opportunities for partnership to international visitors who want to be of service to the youth and families of the Dominican Republic. We have facilities to accommodate up to 22 guests, with an independent kitchen and outdoor patios for group events. We also have a church, basketball court, and baseball fields that allow for hours of community interaction. A public school across the street, whose humble beginnings were in the halls and classroom of our institution, was quite literally named after our institution. For decades, this school has offered Good Samaritan volunteers an experience with the public education institutions of a developing nation. With extensive pre-trip education and planning, we encourage visitors to think critically about their trip experiences and how they fit into the greater picture of international sustainable development.

Join us! Come participate to learn Spanish, make friends, and make a difference!