Playing for Others

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About Us

Playing for Others empowers teens to make a significant difference with their lives…for the rest of their lives. We support and guide our teens as they seek to answer two vital life questions:

Who am I?

How will I give of that?

Our innovative program weaves together three main components:

Leadership training - Teens take part in a sophisticated leadership curriculum in PFO that combines the expertise of top area professionals with teen-driven training and peer review. They execute much of the work of a nonprofit and learn how one works.

Working with children with disabilities - Teens pair up with children with special needs each year and begin a unique adventure. They share the arts -- both hands-on experience and going to see art by others. They share time in both large and small groups. And they finish up by going -- together -- into the community to do service for others.

Exploring the arts - Teens work alongside arts professionals and peers to create original artwork, perform musical theater, learn advanced photographic and design skills, tackle songwriting and singing, or choreograph and dance. Performances and visual arts reveals happen during our culminating Arts Festival.